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We have several available services for you: back massage, legs massage, neck massage, feet massage, foot reflexology, shiatsu, restoring massage for pilgrims and more!

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Masaje descontracturante para el dolor de cuello

Restorative massage

Relax your muscles. Relieve tension and pain

Ideal massage to loosen up the muscles and release the tension caused by stress, poor posture, carrying extra weight on the back or inadequate rest.

Masaje de espalda en Santiago y alrededores

Relaxation massage

Calm your mind and forget about stress

This massage is designed for relieving and removing muscle tension, calming the nervous system, improving your circulatory and lymphatic system and reducing day to day tightness, stress and anxiety levels.

Masaje reductor y anticelulĂ­tico en Santiago de Compostela

Slimming massage

Remove toxins, feel more comfortable in your body and improve your health

This massage was created to reduce body fat in specific areas such as: gluteus, abdomen, hips, waist or legs.

Masaje shiatsu en Santiago de Compostela

Shiatsu massage

Release pain and muscle tightness. Balance your posture

This is a therapeutic massage based on acupressure, using fingers and palms to apply pressure on specific areas on the body. It is designed to improve general health and energy levels.


Open hours: Monday to Sunday, from 09:00 a.m. To 09:00 p.m.

* Our rates are marked based on time, not by massage type. Each client can choose their desired massage which will be provided during the requested time.

Pilgrim’s massage

60-minute massage

Specifically planned for pilgrims arriving to Santiago after long walking journeys. This massage will facilitate your muscle recovery, decrease your pain and prevent injuries. We provide soothing and a recovery cream as a gift. It will invigorate your muscles due to the qualities of its natural active ingredients: Arnica and Devil’s Claw (harpagophytum).


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30-minute massage

We can focus on a relaxing or deep tissue massage, in order to release muscle knots. Due to its duration, this massage is ideal for focusing on one or two areas of the body that are sore or suffering due to muscle overuse. E.g., legs-back or feet-legs.


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60-minute massage

Recovery or deep tissue massage. This massage could be full body or focused on a specific area, as preferred. It can reach deeper muscle layers and it works on the connective tissue too.


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90-minute massage

No doubt, this is the finest massage. Its duration allows us to apply different techniques and to work on the main muscle groups, so we can act on the areas that experience tightness or muscle knots using specific treatments for each issue.


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Massage Gift Cards

What about a magnificent surprise for your partner, friend or family member? We can prepare a very original surprise, giving them an unforgettable massage. You can easily and rapidly buy a gift card here for a massage. You give them the card; they pick the massage and success!

30-minute Gift Card
60-minute Gift Card
90-minute Gift Card
Pilgrim’s massage
Massage Gift Card
Redeem Gift Card

Our Treat: An Official €0 Banknote of the Way of Saint James

If you have done the Camino, we will be pleased to treat you with a memorable souvenir: the official banknote of The Way of St. James. Just let us know that you are a pilgrim when booking any of our services so we can give it to you.

These notes are officially printed using the same Euro paper notes and with similar security features: watermarks, copper stripe, engraved tactile recess, hologram, hidden registration, banknote security background, UV light visible ink and an individual serial number which is unique for each banknote.

Get the best souvenir of the Way for free!


Skt24 AvatarSkt24
5 star rating Relaxing massage for tired pilgrims Lovely massage at the end of 5 long days of walking. Very relaxing and very professional service. Would recommend to... read more - 8/14/2023 
Jane P AvatarJane P
5 star rating Blissful! I so needed this massage after completing my 200mile Camino! It was just the right level of relaxation and... read more - 7/31/2023 
guyhparis Avatarguyhparis
5 star rating Perfect Pilgrim’s massage to rejuvenate after the Camino Perfect massage after 5 days on the Camino. Felt way more refreshed afterwards. Great location tucked in behind the cathedral - 7/27/2023 
Janet L AvatarJanet L
5 star rating Help for those sore muscles This massage was the perfect way to end the Camino. I highly recommended! Easy to find location... read more - 7/05/2023 
Susan B AvatarSusan B
5 star rating Professional Massage & Terrific End to the Camino Very professional and a terrific massage. Perfect ending to the Camino. A little hard to find so they meet you... read more - 6/18/2023 
gabosnow Avatargabosnow
5 star rating Best massage. Professional Best massage I ever had. Was done after 12 days of pilgrimage along the Camino. Full body, very relaxing and professional - 6/18/2023 

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Tips for Pilgrims
If you are planning to walk the Way of Saint James, there are a few things that you must take into consideration before starting:

• Do not wear brand new footwear. Using a new pair of shoes on your Camino experience is not advisable. The more used you are to them, the better. This will save you some wounds and/or blistering. The best recommendation is to put on light and comfortable sneakers with a thick sole. Contrary to what is often said in many guidebooks about the Camino, using trekking boots it is not desirable, unless it is winter. This sort of footwear overheats the feet and soften the skin.

• Wear light and breathable clothes. In order to walk as comfortable as possible, the secret is to wear something that allows you to move freely. As you will be walking for many hours a day, it is important to avoid excessive sweating and overheating of your body.

• Taking trekking poles or sticks with you can definitely help to ease the journey, BUT it is a better option to carry two instead of one in order to avoid back, hips and leg imbalance.

• Take it easy, walk at your own pace. The Way of Saint James it is not a race. We often receive pilgrims with messy feet because they have done the Camino «marathon style». If possible, take a 5-10 minutes break each one and a half hour. Enjoy this pause to take off your shoes so they can be refreshed and cool. Better yet, whenever you can soak them in cold water, and dry them thoroughly later.

• Taking care of your feet is key. Showering in the morning is not the best option (preferably, take a shower after the daily exercise) but if you do so, do not use excessive hot water, as you will be more likely to get blisters or wounds that way.

• During the summer, do not forget to apply sunscreen especially on your face, so you can avoid sunburns. And remember to wear a hat.

How to treat blisters
As soon as you feel the first symptoms of a blister, stop immediately and locate the pain. Then, apply some Vaseline over the area and cover it. This will prevent additional friction.

When blisters are completely developed:

• Wash your hands before touching the blister or the wound.

• Clean the wound or blister and its surrounding area carefully, applying a tissue or an antiseptic gauze. After that, dry it with a new gauze.

• Use a sterilized sewing needle, pop the blister and drain it by gently applying pressure on the edges.

• Clean the area again once the blister has been drained and cover it with Compeed or other similar bandage.

• Leave the bandage on the wound until it falls off on its own. (IMPORTANT: do not remove a Compeed. It will fall in a few days). If you don’t have a Compeed, cover the blister with antiseptic cream a non-adhesive tissue and held it with adhesive tape.

• Do not pop if the blister is not open, its size is less than 1 cm or if it has thick skin.

Before Your Massage - Recommendations
Before having a massage, try to avoid taking heavy meals, but if you eat something, have it at least one hour before your treatment as it is not ideal to get a massage with a full stomach and while digesting.

Arrive at the centre 5 minutes before your booking time, so you will have some time to relax and can embrace the experience and enjoying some time exclusively for yourself.

Wear comfortable clothes and, before the treatment, store any personal belongings such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and watches. We would appreciate if customers could put their phones on silent.

It is advisable to go to the restroom before starting the massage.

During The Massage - Recommendations
Do not feel uncomfortable when in your underwear during your treatment as we aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your massage, so towels are available to cover yourself and only the area to be treated will be exposed.

During the session, it is crucial for you to be comfortable. Please, do not hesitate to let the therapist know if you don’t feel at ease for any reason such as: the room temperature is not adequate, the therapist is talking too much, the noise, etc.

Occasionally when working on specific muscles, you can feel some pain. Although this happens mostly in therapeutic massages, it is important that you tell your therapist that you are experiencing discomfort if this is excessive.

When the massage is over, do not stand up abruptly as you could feel dizzy. The therapist will remind you about it.

After The Massage - Recommendations
After the massage is possible that you feel some light pain, tiredness or sleepiness. This is generally normal. Experiencing these sensations on the body is a response triggered by massage techniques. If this persists, it is convenient that you let the therapist know.

It is essential to drink plenty of water after a massage. Muscles dehydrate after the treatment, so it is important to replace all that lost water by drinking more. This will help eliminate the metabolic waste produced by the muscles through the urine.

After the massage do not drink coffee or other stimulating beverages. This can add tension to your relaxed muscles and even cause a weird feeling.

If you are hungry after the massage, do not eat too much, but if you need to, drink enough water first.

When Not To Get A Massage
People with thrombosis or phlebitis problems (varicose veins) should not get a massage because blood clots could cause complications.

Severe wounds or surgical areas should not be handled directly until checked by your doctor.

A massage is contraindicated if you suffer an acute contagious illness, skin rashes or infections, fever, hypertension or have had a heart attack recently.

People with cancer who are being treated with radiation and/or chemotherapy should check with their doctor prior to getting a massage.

It is vital that you inform the therapist of any health issues and medications you are taking. Written approval will be required for each massage session if you are undergoing medical treatment.

I Have Muscle Pain, Should I Use Heat Or Cold?
Cold and heat applied to a painful area will relieve soreness but many times we do not know which one is appropriate. The difference lies in the time. So, it depends on whether you have been injured less than 72 hours ago, or whether you have been suffering with this pain for days. If the ache is recent, apply cold. Cold reduces the diameter of the blood vessels and inflammation, pain and cramps. It is recommended for acute injuries, after exercising, after a contusion, a blow or a sprain. You should apply it for 5 to 15 minutes, two to four times a day, using crushed ice in a bag (never directly on the skin), cold gel or a towel soaked in very cold water.

In case you are experiencing pain for a few days, apply heat. The heat will increase the diameter of the blood vessels, improve circulation, decrease stiffness and have a soothing effect. It is especially indicated for chronic injuries that are not inflamed but it is IMPORTANT to use it exclusively during the first 72 hours. Heat is extremely helpful for muscle knots, poor posture or even before exercising to help warming up the muscles. You must apply it for 15 up to 25 minutes, one to three times a day, using a hot water bottle, an electric blanket or a bag of seeds.

How Often Can I Get A Massage?
The effects of a massage will last differently in each person considering their physical and mental characteristics, the activities they do and their ability to relax and to heal. If your goal when getting a massage is to help heal injuries or relieving chronic pain, you will normally need weekly sessions.

You can also have a massage for prevention, maintenance of your health, or purely for wellness. You can schedule your treatments as you please.

Getting regular massages is beneficial for your health. A massage every week or two can make a big difference to your health and stress levels. Even a monthly massage can improve your wellbeing. Make massages a regular practice for health purposes, along with good nutrition and exercise and you will feel so much better!

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